(Pre-Order) Hydraulic Core Drilling Machine


1. Hole size range: 60 mm ~1000 mm
2. Can be swap three motors at the same time to achieve different power
3. Can be multi-angle by construction
4. Can be work underwater

1. Three different powers motor optional.
2. It can drill holes from 60mm to 1000mm, and drill holes underwater.
3.Any one of the TD hydraulic power pack and other brands power pack can work together with it.
4. Any angles adjustable.
5. Excellent stability in horizontal, upright, vertical position.
6. Size :500*400*1760mm.


1. TDZK-1000 concrete core drilling machine with maximum drilling diameter of 1000mm has advantages of safety, high efficiency, and strong applicability. The core drilling machine is very easy to realize horizontal, inverted, upright and any angle operation, which is widely applied to core drilling and punching in the dismantlement work.
2. Besides, the type of core drilling machine can transfer three kinds of motor to realize different power suitable for hole with diameter ranging from 60mm to 1000mm, which is especially suitable for reinforced concrete structural stake basis and rock-soil and other large-scale project.

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