10T Hydraulic Repair Kit

Product Description:
1. New rubber oil seal, elastic fit, effectively reducing oil leakage rate 、
2. The outer wall material is thickened, anti-collision and anti-deformation, so that you can use it more at ease
3. Comes with high-precision connectors for easy connection of various accessories
4. Pressure relief valve, tighten clockwise to maintain pressure, loosen counterclockwise to release pressure
5. Complete accessories, can be used in any combination according to your own needs
6. Plastic box, easy to sort out accessories, portable and easy to carry

1. Save time by using repair
2. Fashionable and durable
3, Automobile sheet metal is available
4. Wear-resistant pump core
5. The plate is thickened
6. High working efficiency
Product Name Hydraullic Porta Power Jack
Material Steel
Capacity 4Ton 10Ton 20Ton
Max Height 380mm 470mm 500mm
Minimum Height 260mm 340mm 365mm
Cylinder Lifting Height 120 mm 130 135mm
Weight 18KG 31KGmm 43KG
Package Size 570*330*180mm 670*390*180mm 850*390*180mm

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